How We Made a Small Roofing Company Thousands of Dollars Annually

If you're interested in seeing the real-world benefit of our web design and search engine optimization work for this company, scroll to the bottom of this article. We have helped this company realize a new stream of leads that will sustainably yield thousands and thousands of dollars for them each year.

My father owns a small roofing company in Salem, Oregon, which has been around for nearly 25 years. He started the company in 1992 with his own father as the co-founder. The two of them are hardworking and have done physical work with their hands for their entire lives. When it comes to dealing with their website and technology as a whole, they really don't know what they are doing. Up until a little over a year ago, they were relying solely on word of mouth and Yellow Pages for their advertising. They didn't even have a functional website of their own, despite owning the domain name. With local competitors embracing technology, and consumers increasingly using the web to make their purchasing decisions and request estimates, my dad gave me the reins on Slate & Slate Roofing's web presence and online marketing efforts and became SlatePeak's first consistent client.

The first step was building their website. We created their website in WordPress to allow for easy updating and content production through the blog platform. Making the website responsive was critically important, because recent reports have shown that 60% of consumers are using mobile devices exclusively to make their purchasing decisions. It was critical to attain the 'mobile-friendly' designation from Google to appear higher on search results pages on mobile devices. I got the website up exactly how they wanted it and added the content I was given, and then I started optimizing the on-page content by improving load times, placing important keywords higher up in the content, and creating content.

Content is king. We started updating the company blog regularly by creating tip and trick blogs that are relevant to his industry and can help consumers with some of the questions they might have. Within a few months, his traffic increased to several hundred unique views per month from having next to none. The nice thing about keeping a solid content production schedule is that the more content is on your website and indexable, the more pages of yours potential customers can find when they're searching for keywords related to your business. I think of this as casting a wide net rather than simply using a fishing pole (or having a static website with no blog/fresh content).

Local citations (customer reviews) are vital. I developed a form for my dad to print and give to each of his customers at the completion of their jobs. He has already seen an increase in customer engagement online and has started to see his rankings on search engines improve substantially because of this.

As I have continued the blogging content strategy, my dad's company has reached the first page of Google for a handful of his most valuable keywords. Prior to me taking him on as a client, he was on page 14 for many of his target keywords. That's great, but to many business owners, this isn't going to mean a lot by itself, so let's dive into the real-world benefits:

Here is how our work is providing huge revenue benefits to this business:

The average cost for a roof is between $9,000 and $14,000. The website we created and optimized for Slate & Slate Roofing is now generating handfuls of leads requesting estimates each week. Many experienced roofing professionals have closing rates of around 40%. Assuming they receive an average of four leads per week, the website could generate as much as $748,800 - $1,164,800 per year in revenue that was previously missed out on entirely, under these assumptions. Keep in mind, this is for a small construction company with less than twenty employees. This is a substantial relative figure for the company. Another key point to keep in mind is that this content will continue to age, develop backlinks, and be shared on social media outlets. These factors will allow the site to continue to rank higher and higher, which means these figures are likely to grow year after year. There is always room to grow, and that ties into the entire point of my business. SlatePeak promotes growth in its clients. As you grow, we grow with you. We do everything in our power to ensure client success, and we have never had a single client leave our services at the time of this writing.

Now you might be wondering how your business can start generating leads and find tremendous growth through the internet.

There are many variables when it comes to putting together a successful internet marketing strategy, but a safe bet is to always start with optimizing on-page content, setting up social media and review site profiles and engaging your customers, and start producing helpful content as frequently as possible. You can get started on your own, but if you want to speak with us, reach out to us on our contact page.

Joshua Slate

Entrepreneur. Rock climber. Software engineer. Founder of @SlatePeak and others.

Saint Paul, MN

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